Michael Whittaker

saxophone trombone flute piano clarinet guitar bass percussion soundboard

Michael Whittaker is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist from Oakland, CA. 

Michael has been a member of the JOMF musical collective on and off for nearly 10 years, manning instruments as diverse as the saxophone and Chinese erhu on tours of Europe and around the United States.

Proficient and joyful playing countless instruments, Michael also freelances in the Bay Area as well as in NYC, sitting in on improvisations, playing art openings and prominent gatherings, even the occasional wedding. Michael finds great joy and fortune bringing jazz sounds by busking in NYC.


Continuing his deep journey into all of music, Michael is also exploring sound engineering and has worked with clients such as Jackie O Motherfucker, Inca Ore, Juju Jilleppey, White Cakes, Double Action, and Prima Daisy. Michael is happy to travel to NYC even on short notice to work with the amazing artists that reside there.

Michael lives in the Bay Area with his wife. He loves to busk and practice his many instruments on the shores of the bay.


contact: michael.andrew.whittaker@gmail.com